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Yamanishi cup 2022 & Christmas party

WE'RE BACK! After a long hiatus, we've finally held our annual Yamanishi Cup & Christmas Party this year in conjunction of celebrating our 25th Anniversary which we missed last year! This year, we've opened the event to our fellow UKFP members. Here's the results and highlights of our party:

The awardees with Yamanishi sensei

CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners! Watch the whole event here!


  • Kid's Catergory: Iwamoto Eisuke

  • Mudansha: Jeff Famatiga (IGA Kendo Club)

  • Yudansha: Maki Otsuka


  • 3rd Place: Iwamoto Eisuke

  • 2nd Place: Hana Otsuka

  • Champion: Tomo Otsuka


  • 3rd Place: Cynarra Mercado

  • 2nd Place: Genesis Famatiga (IGA Kendo Club)

  • Champion: Michael Randall Udarbe


  • 3rd Place: Kobayashi Daisuke

  • 2nd Place: Melduen Castillon

  • Champion: Hamamura Yasuhiro

Here are some of our member's photos during the shiai:

(ctto: Ini Roces)


We also celebrated our Silver anniversary and our Christmas party afterwards!

Yamanishi sensei giving a welcome speech

The night echoed with fun and laughter as our members showcased their talents through karaoke, their wits in games and cosplay. Held at Hanpao Teahouse, the club members enjoyed everyone's company.

The kids playing who can say 'Merry Christmas MKC' the longest.

Wada sensei singing Voltes V' song

Everyone taking turns to play Rock, Paper, Scissors with Hammer & Helmet

We look forward to next year! MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!


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