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MKC visits Baguio

Manila Kendo Club (MKC) in partnership with United Kendo Federation of the Philippines (UKFP) and Baguio Kendo club (BKC) have organized an event to introduce Kendo and its practice. Read more about our trip to Baguio.

Back in October 30, 2021, Manila Kendo Club sent a delegation to Baguio to introduce and demonstrate Kendo. The purpose of the trip was to help build new kendo clubs and provide a mutually supportive and positive learning environment in which the club can be fully organized.

MKC delegates with Baguio members after the demonstration

The team departed from Manila early morning of October 30 to drive up north. Despite the difficulties at the time, members enjoyed their stay by also enjoying Baguio itself.

MKC delegates with Baguio representatives at Sumosam

MKC delegates at the Lion's head, Baguio, Benguet.

We would like to thank Michael Bugnosen for sharing Kendo in Baguio!


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