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Limitless: Elvira Inoue

Elvira Inoue "Tita Elvie" joined MKC in 2009 and participates in all Manila Kendo Club activities. She is an avid supporter in events including our online activities. She is definitely one of our members that portrays that age and height does not matter.

Read more about her below.

Elvie during her match in the 2nd Philippine National Kendo Tournament in 2017

I was in my mid 40's when I started Kendo in 2009. At first it was just for physical activity, but realized it was more than that. By way of Kendo, I disciplined my body, mind and soul. The culture of respect and courtesy that I observe and do, I carry it beyond my Kendo training. The 2nd dojo (after training activities) that I go together with dojo mates and senseis after practice is the best part of why I Kendo.

- by Elvira Inoue

(L to R) Elvie in 4th PKNT, Elvie with Sen. Honasan & Jun Navarro, MKC E - women's team

Tita Elvie actively helps with the management and logistics of the club. As a 'mommy- figure', she ensures everything is accounted for and everyone passes the information around. She cheerfully encourages everybody and also participates in our club activities. She never misses out trainings even our online E-suburi + HIIT sessions.

Elvie (2nd from right) with the other members of the Philippine Delegation in

11th ASEAN Kendo Tournament in 2016.

Tita Elvie's club visit in Iloilo Kendo Club

Tita Elvie (Right) with her husband, Shu Inoue sensei (2nd from left), her son, Yuta (in MKC shirt, center) and MKC members during Morishima sensei's children's visit in MKC


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