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Crafting one's development: Lambert Antonio

Lambert Antonio joined MKC in 2010 and an active supporter and participant in our activities. As our club's artist and head 'craftsman', Lambert contributed to many events and promotions of our club. Read more about him, his Kendo and his crafts.

Lambert during our regular practice in Gatorade in 2014

Honestly, my reason for taking Kendo was a bit childish. I saw it on television and I thought that it would be cool to wear one of those, armor (bogu). I had no idea what I got myself into and since I'm not an athletic person the training for me was hard, but despite that, I continuously have fun. Being an introvert, it's hard for me to socialize, but here in the Manila Kendo Club, the people are very welcoming and it makes me feel that I belong. Through the years I have gained a lot of friends and it has made my time in the dojo more enjoyable. Doing Kendo has helped me a lot, especially since I am a short-tempered guy and I feel that the discipline that it instilled in me is making me a better person. It has allowed me to practice respect, be it to yourself or others and it has made me calmer, focused, and make better decisions.

- Lambert Antonio

Lambert (left) assisting in the 1st Philippine National Kendo Tournament, November 2016

Lambert attends our practices regularly, participates in our club events and logistics. As one of our artistic talents in the club, Lambert contributed to various promotional goods and art to endorse Manila Kendo Club through banners, online presence and more. Of all his contributions, one such notable work is our club's logo. Lambert designed our club's logo, a simple yet beautiful mark that identifies Manila Kendo Club today.

Lambert with his senpais in 2018

Lambert during Aoki sensei's visit and seminar in July 2017

Lambert after the Bogu Evaluation in 2011

During Kendo Kata seminar with his 2010 batchmates in 2016


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