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Starting young: Yumi Sasaki

Yumi Sasaki was part of our January batch in 2018. A young and talented kendoka who is consistent with practicing in our club's classes. Yumi attended our kids class and is now moving forward with her intermediate classes. Read more about Yumi below.

Yumi during a Saturday kids class at Gatorade Hoops Center in 2018

I was invited by my uncle to attend the trial training to see if it is something that I'm interested in. At first I thought it wouldn't last but I ended up continuing it and have made new friends. My experience in Kendo was great, the training is always challenging and at the same time it is fun. The people were so nice too, they help each other and they are very friendly. Practicing in MKC is an awesome experience, it makes you want to learn more and do better on the next practice. Bowing before entering the dojo taught me the value of respect, not just for those who are ahead of you but for the craft itself. Wiping the floors, removing footwear before entering the dojo, taught me discipline, that ensures that we can practice on a clean surface.

- Yumi Sasaki

Yumi with her fellow kendoka during a promotional shoot for MKC, 2018

Yumi is a bright aspiring kendoka whose smile shines in the dojo. At such a young age, she manages to keep up with her classes and attends our dojo practice regularly. She also bring surprises during our events and activities as she participates in our friendly shiais and contributes her lovely voice as she performs in our Christmas parties.

Yumi during our Gasshuku event in 2018

Yumi with her fellow kids class kendokas during our Christmas party last December 2019

Yumi winning 1st place at her first shiai in the Kids category during Yamanishi Cup 2019

Yumi showing her bubbly side during her bogu evaluation in 2018


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