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Overcoming one's self: Aran Samson

Aran joined MKC in 2019 during our beginners recruitment and has moved to our intermediate class in 2020. He continues to practice his Kendo at the comforts of his home. Read more about Aran's Kendo journey.

Aran during the Yamanishi Cup in 2019

I first started Kendo back in June 2019. I initially started because I was trying to explore ways to stay fit and active that was more engaging than just running or lifting weights. My experience with MKC has evolved more than just physical activity. It is now a very big part of my life. Sabi nga nila Kendo is the “Way of the Sword”, diba? (Like they say, Kendo is the "Way of the sword", right?) The biggest thing I learned from MKC is the value of overcoming oneself. Kendo has taught me that the biggest opponent in life is not other people, it is yourself. It is important to understand that there is always a way to improve and in order to improve you have to compare yourself not with others but only with yourself. I think this quote best summarizes it: 昨日の我を乗り越えろ!! “Overcome the ‘me’ of yesterday!!” This is the philosophy I apply even outside of the Dojo. This is my way of the sword.

- Aran Samson

Aran winning second place in the Mudansha category in Yamanishi Cup 2019

Aran is a hardworking and remarkable member of MKC. He juggles between studies, work and Kendo. Despite his busy schedule, he squeezes in practice as a place for relief, exercise and a form of bonding with his fellow kendokas.

Aran (4th from left) with his fellow Mudansha category winners

Aran (3rd; left at the back) attended one of Yagisawa sensei's dojo visit in Manila

Aran (2nd from left) during our last Christmas party in 2019


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