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Kendo is for Everyone: Chichay Sison

Chichay Sison is part of our 2020 beginner's batch. She continues to attend our E-suburi + HIIT program as often as she can as she juggles it with her work. Read more about her journey with us so far!

Chichay participating in our E-suburi + Hiit in 2020 during the height of the pandemic.

My journey with Kendo is quite a roller coaster so far. Aside from juggling it with work, personal life and the pandemic, I also have to prove to everyone that I belong here and that it is worth doing. People who aren't aware as to what Kendo is make fun of me saying that I look funny swinging my majorette baton (when I'm doing suburi) and to those who are aware, feel that it is too demanding for a woman and that I am 'too cute to do kendo'. There is also a popular phrase 'kababae mong tao' which translates to 'you're a woman and yet (you do something unwomanly by traditional standards)'. That social stigma kills passion and it kills dreams. I quit taekwondo before because of the same reason and I will not let the same happen in Kendo. Kendo is for everyone, no matter what your gender is.

You see, Kendo is more on technique, accuracy and timing rather than sheer power and speed. The aim isn't to hurt your motodachi (your sparring partner). The aim is to perfect your strike, ki-ken-tai ichi. So it is not mostly a battle against an opponent, but is a battle against yourself and your will to perform a perfect strike. It takes a lot of dedication and discipline to reach such goal and I am still at the beginning of my journey, but I am quite confident that I can do it! And yes! I... WE can be cute and fabulous while doing Kendo! Slay my queens!

Thank you MKC for welcoming me to your family! Most importantly to my senpais that have gone above and beyond for us beginners. I will forever be grateful and even though we practice through our computers and smartphones, everyone's energy, enthusiasm and passion did not falter and it is very contagious! I would like to emanate those same feelings, not just for my fellow Kendokas, but also outside my students, to my family and to my friends. We all need it, specially in these trying times.

Keep the fire burning, stay safe and I'll see you all soon!

- by Chichay Sison

Chichay sharing a positive vibe with a good selfie after her E-suburi + HIIT workout

Chichay (top left) with some of the members after our online session in 2020.

Chichay (2nd row, right) with some of the members after our online session in 2021.


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