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A Family in a Family; Kathleen Tan Jadie

Kathleen Tan Jadie is a mother of three kendokas practicing in MKC with her husband. She practices together with the family in and out of the dojo and they are a regular in our E-suburi + HIIT program. Read how she started and her journey with us!

(Kathleen (Left) during her Kyu evaluation)

It started when our son Yuri introduced and convinced us to Manila Kendo Club, which is based at the Gatorade Hoops Center, last January 2019. Then the senpais and senseis, asked for Jaustin and Khayree to join as well. Before then, I was just a so-called, “ stage mom”. It was very interesting and exciting to see those kids train and they all looked very sophisticated with their kendogis, hakamas, and shinais. I was amazed by their way of teaching discipline, cleanliness and honor. Never in their weekly, weekend training sessions had I experienced boredom while watching them. For the 1st few months of their Keiko or training, I got more interested. It was funny that by just watching them, I was somehow already learning as well. I was like coaching them on what to do and how to do, as if I really knew more than them. Knowing and meeting the senpais and senseis is one of the great opportunities I ever had. Soon, everyone was like convincing me to join keiko too. And yes, I eventually joined my kids in Kendo around June in the same year after my kids got their evaluation and they moved to 5th Kyu.

Jadie Family Training during Lockdown at home.

Kendo at MKC had always been a great learning experience for me. It’s like a whole new world. I get to bond with my kids well by being together, learning, training, and doing something new for myself as well. Aside from learning and doing Kendo, in which it had been a really good exercise for all of us, especially for me. The Manila Kendo Club is a well-respected organization. This group is well organized. Stepping into the Dojo, has this instant feeling, felt like we were in a bigger family. One of the fun things we do after Keiko or after training is eating all together. We get to chat and talk about Kendo or other things.

The values that I would definitely carry anywhere, and will continue to practice for me and my family, is being formal and polite to anyone at all times. Having discipline and having patience with all the things that we do. Being able to adapt and be flexible to group orientations and work well with others as a team. Being gentle and humble, but can stand for what is right from wrong. Having a goal in life is one of the things we must do so we all can walk towards it. Having a positive mind and body is always important.

- by Kathleen Tan Jadie

Kathleen practicing with Ned Pascual during one of our Saturday classes.

Kathleen is a very supportive, hard working mother and kendoka. She is a consistent attendee in our practices and a cheerful supporter of MKC and her family. The pandemic did not stop her and her family to promote a healthy and fit lifestyle and it shows as they attend our online sessions whenever they can.

Kathleen and her boys practicing in preparation of their Kyu examinations.

Kathleen and her family during one of our E-suburi + HIIT session

Jadie Family in the 4th PKNT's photo booth


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