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MKC you soon Contest

Manila Kendo Club wishes nothing more but to see and practice again with everyone!

But because of the pandemic, we shall continue to train on our own for now and practice social distancing as our way of preventing the spread of COVID-19.

As we prepare ourselves to go back to the dojo again by training at our homes, we would love to see photos of you and your home dojo/gym set up!

Post a photo of you and/or your home dojo/gym on Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #MKCyousoon! Describe what you do at home to keep yourself in shape and ready for when the dojo reopens!

The one with an amazing photo and story will get a chance to win a kendogi! Deadline for entries is May 28, 2020.

This is only open to members of Manila Kendo Club.


By Chichay Sison

"I have so many plans for 2020 but sometimes.. I guess.. things just happen It doesnt mean we stop though~ we adjust and make it work! can't suburi? seiza! no weights? I'll lend you my doggos (once I'm done lifting them too! 6kg each!) no motivation? e-suburi through zoom! I'm glad I met these wonderful people this year. It made this pandemic bearable! Thank you for giving me guidance and motivation. Definitely #MKCyousoon "


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