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#Whywekendo Campaign

In 2016, we started the campaign #whywekendo (why we practice Kendo) to get our members to share their beginnings, their love and their growth in Kendo during the recruitment of our beginners in the same year. With the pandemic still ongoing and most of us cannot practice like how we used to, let's spark back the flame by recalling why we started and how we kept going to keep us excited for when the dojo doors finally open.

In the following months, let's look back at some of our member's entries since 2016 up to our new member's entries prior to the pandemic to get to know them and learn #whywekendo in Manila Kendo Club (MKC).

Here's our first entry posted last week! Read here.

Excited or want to get a taste of how we practice at home?

Join us for our ongoing E-Suburi + HIIT program! MESSAGE us in any of our sites! Instagram | Facebook | Website #whywekendo #manilakendoclub #manilakendoclubph


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