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Our 25 years

Manila Kendo Club celebrates our 25th anniversary this year. Read more about how much our club has grown.


In the 1970s, Japanese expatriates who were staying in the Philippines wanted to continue practicing Kendo. It sparked interest from friends to passers by and grew in numbers. Students who joined came from different interests, from the fascination of swords to their fondness of Japanese culture. Despite the difference in backgrounds, everyone enjoyed learning and training Kendo (the way of the sword) together.

By 1995, the club grew with about 25 members, including 15 Filipinos. On September 21 1996, Manila Kendo Club members came together to form our first Board of Directors, sign and formally register the club under the Security Exchange Commission (SEC) which was approved on October 3, 1996.

Manila Kendo Club moved to multiple locations as the club grows. Manila Polo Club, Makati Sports Center, Reyes Gym and RFM Sports Center were a few of them. We now hold our main practices at Gatorade Hoops Center and Treston International College catering kids as young as 6 years old to adults.

Manila Kendo Club at Makati Sports Club, May 2014

Manila Kendo Club at Gatorade Hoops Center, Dec 2014

Manila Kendo Club at STI College BGC with visitng senseis, March 2015

Manila Kendo Club Kendo Kata Seminar at Gatorade Hoops, Sept 19 2015

Manila Kendo Club Yamanishi Cup December 8, 2015


Through the years, Manila Kendo Club has honed various talents, creating seasoned players and practitioners who remain active today. The club has developed its members through seminars led by our senseis and visiting senseis, visits to other clubs, and participation in local and international examinations. This training has equipped our teams and members to collect achievements in various tournaments and events.

Presently, Manila Kendo Club continues to stay true to its vision by promoting Kendo in the Philippines. Even with the pandemic, we continue to stay connected both online and offline to ensure the welfare of our members and affiliated clubs as part of the United Kendo Federation of the Philippines (UKFP). Practice continues in the safety of home to protect our members and their loved ones. Even though our dojo doors are closed, Manila Kendo Club strives to adapt to the evolving situation, as we have always done, because of our desire to keep the flame burning.

MKC A Men's 5 Man Team, Champion, Women's Individuals Elvira Inoue - 3rd Place,

1st Philippine National Kendo Tournament Nov 19-20 2016

Manila Kendo Club Yamanishi Cup attendees and awardees December 8, 2016

MKC practice before Hong Kong Kendo Exam & Championship, March 2017

MKC Attendees and Winners in 2nd PKNT, Oct 2017

MKC Yamanishi Cup, December 2017


"Our logo was inspired by a specific moment when as the seniors voiced out concerns during one of our club meetings, a majority of the club listening on raised their shinai in agreement.

We wanted our logo to depict the unity shown by our members and our vision of growth for the club by articulating it in the tradition of a ‘kamon’ (家紋) or a family crest. To do this, we put the mengane (面金) side by side to show our unity, and the negative spaces forming a blossoming flower to signify growth.

To others it may seem like any other logo, but to us it reminds us of how we, as Manila Kendo Club, once stood in solidarity to face times of adversity, bringing hope, beauty, and new life to protect our future. Manila Kendo Club, to us, is more than just a club: it is a FAMILY. Because #WeAreMKC.”

-Lambert Antonio, MKC member and logo designer.

MKC January Beginner's Recruitment, January 2018

MKC celebrating HKAOKC's successful examination and championship 2nd place win for MKC 5-member sensei team, MKC Japan Amigos, December 2018

MKC in the 4th PKNT, November 2019

MKC January Beginner's Recruitment 2020


Here are our Anniversary messages from our Head Sensei, Founding Member and President for 2021.


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