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Yamanishi Cup 2014

Another year is coming to an end and every December we hold the Yamanishi Cup. Named after Manila Kendo Club’s previous head teacher of more than 10 years, Koji Yamanishi Sensei. This year it was held last December 6 at the Gatorade Hoops Center. There were visiting sensei’s present and together with our resident senseis acted as shimpans / judges during the event.

  • Koji Yamanishi Sensei : 7th Dan – visiting from Japan.

  • Katsunori Osuga Sensei : 7th Dan – visiting from Vietnam

  • Toru Shikawa Sensei : 6th Dan – visiting from Vietnam

  • Jonathan Cross Sensei: 5th Dan

  • Takahashi Sensei : 4th Dan

  • Ryutaro Takaku Sensei : 4th Dan

  • Anh Cross Sensei – 4th Dan

The Kyu Evalutions were also conducted that day. Kendokas are evaluated every 6 months to determine their rank and eligibility to take the 1st Dan exams in Hong Kong.


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