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Kendo is Love: Satoshi Fuji

Satoshi Fuji sensei joined MKC in 2018 and have been practicing with us regularly. He provides meticulous feedbacks that helps our members improve on their progress.

Read how he started and his journey with us so far!

(Fuji sensei during the 5 Men team event in the 4th Philippine National Kendo Tournament)

When I was eight, my friend in the neighborhood was practicing Kendo. He looked cool when going to the Dojo and that was 40 years ago.

'Bunbu Ryodo’ has been my favorite word since I was young which means ‘well-rounded’. I have been interested in achieving multiple things at the same time with good levels, such as not only Kendo, but also study at school, work in the company, and good relationship with my family, of course.

It is difficult for me to win a Shiai against opponents practicing in powerful and famous Kendo team in high schools or universities, and I often lost. Also, I failed many times in Shinsa. I have been frustrated many times in Kendo, but practicing at MKC is a wonderful experience that is worth all of them so far. I learned that there are many people who are interested in and working on Japanese culture in this nation. This has a big impact on my life.

I was blessed with a wonderful sensei. My sensei, Toshihiko Kaku sensei, passed away in 2010 at the age of 84, but whenever I give any advice to a Kendoka in the Philippines, the content always includes his teachings.

Kaku Sensei had been trained under Masatoshi Saito sensei, who passed away in 1975 at the age of 71. According to Kaku sensei, Saito sensei said, "Kendo is love." In Japanese, “Kendo wa ai dayo.” I do not know if Saito Sensei was a Christian.

While I was in Japan, I could not really understand the meaning of "Kendo is love". But I have found it ever since I came to the Philippines. Now I think, "Kendo is love" means that what we learn from Kendo is almost comparable to what we learn from churches and the Bible.

- by Satoshi Fuji

(Fuji sensei providing guidance to the Philippine delegation in Metro Manila prior to the 12th Asean Kendo Tournament)

Fuji sensei is one of our club's dedicated senseis who gives insightful advices to further develop our skills. He regularly checks our performance and provides elaborate explanations during classes with good references to match. He participates in our activities and events as well. As such examples are the annual Philippine National Kendo Tournament, Hong Kong Open Asian Kendo Championships and even our most recent participation in the Asean Kendo Tournament as one of the coaches.

(L to R) Fuji sensei as shimpan during 3rd PKNT, Philippine Delegation practice, Sat Class.


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