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Passion and Collections: Mark San felipe

Mark San Felipe is part of our 2020 January beginner's batch. He is a dedicated kendoka despite the sudden hit of the pandemic. He practices with his batchmates from time to time to keep the kendo spirit going.

Read how he started and his journey with us so far!

I started Kendo around January of 2020 along with my friends. The reason why I joined Kendo is that I have always been fascinated with weapons of martial arts (especially with The Art of the Sword). It has been my passion and the reason why I have been collecting various weapons and instruments of war in my collection.

Ever since starting Kendo, going to the dojo and training with my friends and senpais has been my highlight every week. Going to the dojo early and cleaning it before we start was always fun, especially when doing it with my friends. Being trained by my superiors and teachers to master the sword was always fun, for a brief moment each week I would forget all the stress, all my problems and all my struggles as I pick up my sword and train.

I have learned that everything has a purpose, always move with the proper etiquettes and elegance. Respect your superiors and always go all out.

- by Mark Russell San Felipe

(Mark San Felipe (Left) and Kyrios Renn Zipagan (Right) practicing suburi together)

(L to R) Mark after E-suburi, Private practice with Chayl and Kyrios

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