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A Never Forgotten Promise: Kyrios Renn Zipagan

Kyrios Renn Zipagan is part of our 2020 January beginner's batch. He is a dedicated kendoka despite the sudden hit of the pandemic. He continues to practice at home.

Read how he started and his journey with us so far!

(Kyrios practicing during the pandemic)

I started doing Kendo last January 2020 but my liking to Kendo started around the summer of 2019. Why? It was because during that summer my liking to swords, smiting, and sword fighting peaked. It was either episodes of Kenshin or Kimetsu with my sick grandfather. That was our daily routine besides the medical routine and he made me promise that after he passes away and I'm no longer taking care of him I should pursue kendo. That was two of my whys I do kendo, my liking to swords and my promise. But throughout my training with MKC I realized another why I do kendo and that was to be a better me, to improve myself mentally and physically.

MKC IS GREAT!! They made me feel home when I train. It was relieving to hear the shinais clash and the kiais in the dojo every time we trained. All the senpais and senseis were very warm too. They always helped with aspects of Kendo and in life matters too. Kendo at MKC is like home and being part of it is one of the best feelings. The values I learned are great respect, discipline, calmness, a wider view in life, trust, hard work, and self confidence. All of these I learned from my co-kouhais, senpais and senseis.

- by Kyrios Renn Zipagan

(Mark San Felipe (Left) and Kyrios Renn Zipagan (Right) practicing suburi together.)

(L to R) Kyrios during E-Suburi + HIIT program, private practice with Chayl & Mark)


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