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Why You Kendo contest

With the country currently on lockdown, Ronald senpai opened an online contest for our members by answering, "Why you Kendo" (Why do you practice Kendo?).

The contest ran for a week and the winner was based on the decision with the most "hearts" in their entry from our fellow members.

The post from Ron senpai:

"Palong palo ka na ba ngayong Lockdown? Eto may papremyo kami na palong palo din at siguradong gaganda din ang palo nyo! Meet the kotagata shinai 2020!

How to get the shinai?

Reply to this post and tell us Why You Kendo in 10 sentences or less. The contest will run from 13-20 April. The entry with the most number of "hearts" by the end of the promo period will win the katana grip kotogata shinai.

But wait there's more! Winning entry will be posted in the official FB Page of the Manila Kendo Club!

So what are you waiting for?! Post ka na !

Together we can fight Covid-19!... We Kendo It !

Special thanks to Claudine Umali for the shinai.


Darrelle with his prize: Kotagata shinai

The Winning Entry By: Darrelle Matienzo "I grew up watching Japan Video Topics on IBC13 and RP9 which sparked my interest on Japanese culture. This, and my desire to take up a sport being a wimpy kid in my early years made Japanese martial arts a viable choice for a hobby. A handful of my cousins practice karate so I opted to take another path, and that's when I found MKC back in 2014. Fast forward 5 years, I get to live and breathe Japanese culture and I'm able to take up a sport at the same time. Not to mention I get to meet other people from different backgrounds and different reason #WhyWeKendo."

Thank you everyone for your participation! With this event, we get to share our stories, find our similar stories and of course, how we became part of the MKC family!


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