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A Work in Progress and a Journey of Self-Discovery: Claren Alquitran

Claren Alquitran is part of our 2020 January beginner's batch. She is a dedicated kendoka despite the sudden hit of the pandemic. She participates in our E-suburi + HIIT program to continue her practice at the comforts of her home.

Read how she started and her journey with us!

(Ren doing suburi in our E-suburi 2020 session)

There was once an advertisement that repeatedly passed on my feed way back about this trial class for a martial art that got mentioned in one of my favorite anime. Someone told me that trying something new is helpful for your well-being. It was also because I am the kind of person that made satisfying her intellectual curiosities a part of her agenda.

I started to do Kendo in January 2020 as a learning challenge. Physical Education is not enjoyable to me, but I wanted to try regardless. Thinking that maybe it would help me gain a new perspective.

Joining the Manila Kendo Club helped me find appreciation for getting myself moving.

Our senpais are very passionate about Kendo. Despite how difficult it is to do training in the middle of a crisis, they put effort into making sure that we were still learning in the comforts of our own homes. The members were also so supportive that it made it easier to weather out the hardships. Overall, the experience was enlightening, as it was fun.

I used to think that sports wouldn't be worth exploring. It's the misconception of it being all about bodily strength, which was far from what it is. Found in showing up. Found in being purposeful in what you do. Found in becoming creative. The values and philosophies learned as a Kendoka are a way of life. It reflects even within the activities I have outside the dojo. There is no one-size-fits-all. It's all about your practice. It's a work in progress and a journey of self-discovery I will continue to walk on.

- by Claren Alquitran

January 2020 Beginner's welcome dinner with the seniors (Claren; front 2nd from left)


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