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Understanding Kendo: Wally Chamsay

Wally Chamsay joined Manila Kendo Club in 2001 and practices regularly in both our locations. He teaches the Beginners and Intermediate class from time to time, in rotation with the other seniors and participates in various activities our club is involved in. Read more.

Wally during Yamanishi Cup 2016.

Those of you who grew up with me know that I've always done martial arts. I started Kendo in my mid 40's when my old Aikido dojo was getting torn down to make way for a new condo. I've stayed with it ever since, and think I will stay with it for many more years to come.

Like many other martial arts, Kendo is a competitive endeavor where you will find yourself faced off against another person trying to hit you with a stick, often screaming at the top of his/her lungs. To be marginally proficient, you must practice a lot, endure much cardio and always, always listen to what is taught. If you are lucky, you will discover values, a better understanding of the world and yourself, through hard, rigid training.

Unlike many other martial arts, the BEST Kendo practitioners in the world are often past their 60's, and they make use of their time beating people 30 or 40 years younger than them (so I plan to go THERE and do my share of beatings). While you may never actually win a match, its' one of THOSE things were showing up and finishing the class was an accomplishment in itself. Kendo also has the coolest gear of ANY martial art

(people.. I have swords!).

- by Wally Chamsay

Wally performing Kendo Kodachi Kata on the first day of the

1st Philippine National Kendo Tournament held in Manila in 2017

Wally or "Tito Wally",as we dearly address him, started his kendo journey with us long time ago. He often attends our classes, and regularly practice kata or iaido before the classes start to utilize the space in the dojo. He participates in our activities and compete too. Apart from his own personal kendo development, he does teach our beginners or intermediate classes from time to time to share his wisdom.

(L to R) Aoki sensei's seminar, Yamanishi Cup, 2018 beginners demonstration, MKC Iaido


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