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Weekend Senseis Visit

We were very happy to have multiple visitors last weekend. We had Satoshi Fuji sensei's friends, Ryoko Hayashi sensei, Yuusaku Izawa sensei, Ryohei Miyaguchi sensei joined us over the weekend where we had practice at Gatorade Hoops Center last Saturday and we were joined with a few of our friends from IGA Kendo Club for our sunday session at Treston International College. We also had Koki Nitobe sensei join us on Sunday who was traveling from Singapore to Taipei and had a layover in Philippines.

(L to R) Ryohei Miyaguchi sensei, Yuusaku Izawa sensei and Ryoko Hayashi sensei.

Koki Nitobe sensei (front;4th from left) and MKC and IGA Ken members.


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