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Exposures and Mindsets: Robbi Sanchez

Robbi Sanchez joined Manila Kendo Club in January 2012 and has been an avid supporter of the club over the years. Read more of what he loves about Kendo.

Robbi assisting during Yamanishi 2016' s match.

Why kendo? I remember Osuga sensei asking us this on our very first day of training.

My answer was: Bushido. Maybe it was all that exposure of knights and samurais from when I was a kid that inspired this and from what little I read and understood of Bushido, It was always almost similar to The Code of Chivalry. From Shintaro of old, to that Last Samurai movie (not Tom's), honor has always been portrayed.

When you do Kendo, your personality shows, both yours and your opponent's: Calmness, Confidence, Overthinking, Frustration, Arrogance and whatnot. Perhaps that is why as you attain higher ranks, you develop a better understanding of yourself, and thus a better you.

It is not a sport per se, but a martial art. And as with every martial art. It is a journey.

Kendo is a journey for life.

- by Robbi Sanchez

Manila Kendo Club demonstrates Kendo at a Chinese New Year Party

Robbi contributes to the club by assisting especially at events. He is usually seen hosting during demonstrations, competitions and also our annual Christmas party. He also comes to support our club activities through club visitations and attending seminars.

(L to R) Robbi (2nd from left), MKC 2015 visit to Davao Kendo Club, HK grading 2017

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