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A Warrior at heart; Emerson Ingco

Emerson Ingco joined Manila Kendo Club in 2008 and was a passionate supporter of MKC's activities and ensured to catch up with the members despite his hectic work. Read more about his Kendo journey with us.

Emerson Ingco during MKC's visit in UST in 2016.

A kendoka is often portrayed as someone who vigorously participates in physically demanding competitions, examinations and fellowships, but Emerson, whom we dearly refer to as "Ingco" in the club, is a proof that you can do what you love in other ways too. He was one of our members who laid low in the Dojo, but was always present whenever he was needed. With a feisty attitude who loved to joke around frequently with the members, he was often caught taking photos and videos for the club (and sometimes memes of our members) and publishing it in our social media.

Ingco taking videos with a phone stand during the 2nd Philippine National Kendo Tournament in Davao 2017

Ingco participated in the shadows by helping to run the club events, managing members and helping produce knick knacks for the club. Once in a while, he too engaged in the activities by competing, attending seminars and of course, taking his examinations locally and internationally.

Ingco (left) during Kata seminar in 2017, 1st Philippine National Kendo Tournament

Ingco (right) attempting a men strike during the 1st Philippine National Kendo Tournament

Ingco receiving his medal and shinai prize for winning 3rd place in Yamanishi Cup 2016

Ingco (2nd from left) received his 1st Dan exam certificate at Gatorade Hoops

Apart from the usual Kendo activities in the dojo, he always took the time to join our outreach programs to other dojos through visitations, club trips and celebrations. When he was not available for training, he made sure to join our after-kendo sessions.

Ingco demonstrating Kendo in UST back in 2017

Ingco (left) trip to taytay falls in Laguna in 2017

Ingco (back; 3rd from right) during our holiday barbeque party in April 2019

Ingco (left) Hong Kong dan examination and Shiai celebration in 2019.

Emerson portrayed some of the important aspects in Kendo. Connection and Presence.

The connection in Kendo is something more than meets the eye. It's a specific moment where you psyche your opponent when two shinai(s) are engaged. It is a fleeting moment where you feel the presence of the person in front of you as you measure him up from toe to head while looking at him in enzan-no-metsuke. At times, you will feel his force, power and skill, but at other times you will feel its absence and instead feel his softness, kindness and non- aggressive behavior. Such is the case of Emerson Ingco. He may not always be physically present to train or practice with everyone, but he ensured to connect with everybody. In a way, his character reflected on his Kendo and to all of us.

Emerson Ingco (front;seated 2nd from left)

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