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3rd Philippine National Kendo Tournament

Now in its 3rd Year, the Philippine National Kendo Tournament, aims once again to bring the Cebu, Davao, IGA, Iloilo, Dumaguete, UISCA, Tanglin and Manila Kendo clubs together for a weekend of learning, camaraderie, fun, and friendly competition. Held at Racquet Zone, Cebu City, October 27-28, 2018. This event was hosted by the Cebu Kendo Club and the United Kendo Federation of the Philippines, and sponsored by the Cebu City Government.

Participants from all clubs in the 3rd Philippine National Kendo Tournament

(Photo by: Faye Bergonia)

This year, the hard work and determination of the Manila Kendo Club (MKC) participants, senseis, and those who worked behind the scenes, paid off as it bagged multiple awards.

Witnessing this firsthand as a non-competitor, beginner, and woman kendoka was truly an inspiring experience. It was an amazing display of beautiful kendo that anyone will aspire to have, not only from MKC but also all the clubs who participated. It made me want to train the moment I arrived back to Manila and I can feel all the senpai’s and sensei’s drive to teach and improve every MKC member’s kendo. Everyone was just so fired up to teach and to learn. It made me hopeful on how everyone will improve regardless if it’s for the Nationals next year or personal improvement. More importantly, I felt like I was part of a family. MKC feels like home and it disconnects me to all the worries of the “real world”. As my senpai said: it is a nurturing environment where you can be yourself or find yourself. While we were far away from Manila for the Nationals, I realized that MKC is not a “place”, but it’s the people who make it feel like home.

Manila Kendo Club participants and senseis in the 3rd Philippine National Kendo Tournament


  • Bryan Benigay of Bago (UISCA) Kendo Club

  • Christine Trumata of Dumaguete Kendo Club



  • Fighting Spirit Award:

Ralph Lee of Manila Kendo Club

Emerson Sy of Manila Kendo Club

Kristopher Inting of IGA Kendo Club

Joshua Romeo Espiritu of IGA Kendo Club

  • 3rd Placers:

Ron Andrae Agor (Davao Kendo Club)

Paul Minoza (Cebu Kendo Club)

  • 2nd Place:

Robert Carabuena (Davao Kendo Club)

  • Men's Individual Champion:

Ronald Villaroya of Manila Kendo Club


  • Fighting Spirit Awards:

Anna Mae Cuadrante (Cebu Kendo Club)

Victoria Liao (Manila Kendo Club)

Reida Renovilla (Davao Kendo Club)

Dardsie Abriol-Santos (IGA Kendo Club)

  • 3rd Place:

Renoida Renovilla (Davao Kendo Club)

Kathryn Layno (Cebu Kendo Club)

  • 2nd Place:

Melduen Castillon (Manila Kendo Club)

  • Women’s Individual Champion:

Angeline Mercado of IGA Kendo Club



  • Fighting Spirit Awards:

Robert Carabuena (Davao Kendo Club)

Percy Ryan Gomez (Iloilo Kendo Club)

Mike Logarta (Cebu Kendo Club)

  • 3rd Place:

Pretty Baby Princess of Davao Kendo Club

(Aaron Penaco, Jan-Raphael Chua, Ron Andrae Agor, Edison Soon Wei Liang, Robert Carabuena Jr.)

IGA 23344 of IGA Kendo Club (Jerome Martin Bautista, Vince Hernandez, Joshua Espiritu, Kristopher Inting, Ryosuke Nakagane sensei)

  • 2nd Place:

MKC B of Manila Kendo Club

(Elvin Villarama, Trey Dela Cruz, Wally Chamsay, Emerson Sy, Satoshi Fuji sensei)

  • Team Champion:

MKC A of Manila Kendo Club

(Andre Brillantes, Ronald Villaroya, Ralph Lee, Ian Navarro, Matthew Arce)


  • 3rd Place:

Just Do It of CKC

(Odessa Acedillo, Anna Mae Cuadrante, Kathryn Layno)


(P.J. Osumo, Pedz Caballero, Konomi Matsumi)

  • 2nd Place:

IGA 234 of IGA Kendo Club

(Tamorah Sison, Angge Mercado, Loida Estanilla-Inting)

  • Team Champion:

MKC D of Manila Kendo Club

(Victoria Liao, Patricia Talavera, Melduen Castillon)

Womens Team event winners

Mens Team event winners

Philippine club participants and United Kendo Federation of the Philippines members for the 3rd Philippine National Kendo Tournament

Tournament event venue at Racquetzone Montebello, Cebu City

I’m excited for next year’s National Tournament! Hopefully we get to see more kendoka from different clubs, or new clubs to be established throughout the country. I hope that one day I’ll be good enough to compete and represent Manila Kendo Club, but until then, each of us has a lot of hard work and training to do and I can feel that the succeeding tournaments will get more and more intense and interesting.


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