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1st Philippine National Kendo Tournament

The very first Philippine National Kendo Tournament was held on November 19- 20, 2016, in the Tire Center Sports Gymnasium in Caloocan City, Metro Manila. The two day event consisted of a seminar day on the first day, where Nihon Kendo Kata and Bokuto Ni Yoru Kendo Kihon-waza Keiko-ho were taught, and the second day was dedicated to the shiai.

There were 3 divisions, Men’s Individuals, Women’s Individuals, and the Team Event. Both individual events were open only to Filipino kendoka, while the team event allowed foreign kendoka to compete. Congratulations to everyone! Here are the results:


  • Fighting Spirit Award:

Robert Dela Cruz (Manila Kendo Club),

Franco Carlos Liu (IGA Kendo Club)

Ian Earl Navarro (Manila Kendo Club)

Rikki Daniel Reyes (IGA Kendo Club)

  • 3rd Placers:

Percy Ryan Gomez (Iloilo Kendo Club) &

Ronald Villaroya (Manila Kendo Club)

  • 2nd Place:

Prince Mallari (IGA Kendo Club)

  • Men's Individual Champion:

Andre Brillantes (Manila Kendo Club)


  • Fighting Spirit Awards:

Dardsie Abriol-Santos (IGA Kendo Club)

Reida Jade Renovilla (Davao Kendo Club)

  • 3rd Place:

Elvira Inoue (Manila Kendo Club)

Tamorah Mae Sison (IGA Kendo Club)

  • 2nd Place:

Erica Abriol-Santos (IGA Kendo Club)

  • Women’s Individual Champion:

Ethyl Jane Angeles (IGA Kendo Club)


  • Fighting Spirit Awards:

Robert Carabuena (Davao Kendo Club)

Percy Ryan Gomez (Iloilo Kendo Club)

Mike Logarta (Cebu Kendo Club)

  • 3rd Place:

Turon Rangers of IGA Kendo Club

Victorious Secret of IGA Kendo Club

(John Besa, Gerard Kevin Cagatan, Alain Duminy, Rikki Daniel Reyes, Tamorah Mae Sison, Munetoshi Tanaka)

  • 2nd Place:

Slam Dunk of IGA Kendo Club

  • Team Champion:

MKC A of Manila Kendo Club


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