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14th Hong Kong Asian Open Kendo Championship

MKC attended the recently concluded 14th Hong Kong Open Kendo Championship last Feb 28 – Mar 2, 2014. The tournament has been a regular fixture in the club’s calendar and has been our primary venue for taking Dan examinations. This year we sent a delegation of 10 members and participated in 2 events. Unfortunately, our teams had difficulty making it to the knockout stage, but we are proud to announce that all our examinees passed their respective Dan exams:

  • Trey dela Cruz (1-Dan)

  • Elvie Inoue (1-Dan)

  • Yuta Inoue (1-Dan)

  • Andre Brillantes (3-Dan)

  • Kevin Canlas (3-Dan)

We hope to see an even bigger delegation next year as more members try to take the Dan exams. We all look forward to seeing the results of our members’ training in next year’s championship! Ganbatte!


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