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12th ASEAN Kendo Tournament

It's been three years and ASEAN KENDO TOURNAMENT (AKT) is finally here! In the recently concluded event, we are more than happy to announce that, Philippine Kendo has added one more in its history book! With everyone's dedication, hard work, senseis commitment in teaching the team as well as our never-ending volunteers and fund raising supporters, we brought home our first medals!

This year, it was held in Jakarta, Indonesia. With the teams consisting of members from Cebu Kendo Club, Davao Kendo Club, IGA Kendo Club and Manila Kendo Club, the Philippine Team has worked hard to perform well for this event and it was definitely worth it! With the members unable to completely train together as the clubs are ISLANDS and COUNTRIES away from each other, we managed to pull through and made it possible! Here are some training photos prior to the event:

Photo credit to Ini Roces (IGA Kendo Club); Metro Manila based members training together

Manila Kendo Club Representatives (senseis/coaches; first 4 and players)

12th AKT Philippine Team (Davao Kendo Club, IGA Kendo Club and Manila Kendo Club reps)

Philippine Team uniting in Indonesia flaunting their sponsored team jacket from MYEG.

Philippine Team entering for assembly led by Men's Captain: Matthew Arce (Manila Kendo Club) and Women's Captain: Loida Estanilla- Inting (IGA Kendo Club)

DAY 1: The event lasted for 2 days with the first day dedicated for Dan Examinations where we are proud to announce our examinee, Yuta Inoue, passed his 3rd Dan! Congratulations!

DAY 2: On the second day was for the individuals and team events where participants from Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam battled out for the winner. Our members has drastically improved over the years and manage to climb the ladder to achieve great results! We are honored to receive such great achievements!

1) Men's Team A - 3rd Place (Bronze) 2) Veejay Joson - Fighting Spirit Award, Women's Individual Event 3) Robert Carabuena Jr. - Fighting Spirit Award, Men's Team Event

Men's Team A photo taking after receiving their Bronze Award!

(L To R) Elvin Villarama (MKC), Trey Dela Cruz (MKC), Robert Carabuena (DKC), Ronald Villaroya (MKC), Joshua Espiritu (IGA), Paul Miñoza (CKC), Matthew Arce (MKC)

This event definitely left the members bonded through new memories, meeting new people and of course, with the experiences from the tournament itself!

We sincerely thank everyone who came to Indonesia to support the team and also those who helped in the fund raiser to get the team to the event. We look forward to our next AKT in Singapore 2022!

Some Action photos during the event:


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