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11th Asean Kendo Tournament

Representing Philippines, Manila Kendo Club participates in the 11th Asean Kendo Tournament!

As part of the United Kendo Federation of the Philippines (UKFP), Manila Kendo Club members got the chance to participate as part of the Philippine team delegation in the 11th Asean Kendo Tournament in Bangkok, Thailand from July 8-10, 2016. Along with Iga Kendo Club, Iloilo Kendo Club, Davao Kendo Club and Cebu Kendo Club,

A special thanks to our dedicated senseis, Morishima Sensei, Akita Sensei and all our Senseis who have selflessly invested their time and effort to train the Philippine delegation. Apart from the main event, Manila Kendo Club kendokas also took exams prior to the tournament.

Congratulations to the examinees and AKT Philippine team!

Dan Passers:

2nd Dan:

- Abegail Brillantes

- Elvira Inoue

- Ronald Villaroya

3rd Dan:

- Lawrence Duka


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