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"Keeping the Flame Alive!"

Rizal Technological University Kendo Club (RTUKC)

A Manila Kendo Club university branch that aims to educate students of the Rizal Technological University, the art of the sword (Kendo).

"RTUKC" is established to promote student's development in their personality and individuality, to build courage and strength through rigorous trainings with proper etiquettes, culture and spirit of the arts.

RTUKC members are active members of Manila Kendo Club and United Kendo Federation of the Philippines.

RTUKC members are present and alumni students of Rizal Technological University (RTU)



Rizal Technological University Kendo Club


Rizal Technological University (RTU) is a state university located in Mandaluyong, Philippines wherein RTUKC will serve as a non-academic organization who is obliged to protect and promote the culture and physical training of Kendo, endorse its benefits, and support the development of the students of RTU as both students and Kendo practitioners through its partnership with Manila Kendo Club.


- JAN 2020 - Ideation

- AUG 25 2021 - RTUKC Formation

- SEPT 23 2021 - RTUKC Logo was created

- DEC 10 2021 - Partnership with RTU & MKC

- JAN 14 2022 - School recognition of RTUKC

- JAN 22, 2022 - Introduction of RTUKC during MKC Assembly


RTUKC started with the vision of 4 MKC 2020 beginners who were active students of RTU. Despite the hit of the pandemic, these members pursued their passion in Kendo and continued their training.


Supported by their MKC seniors, they were trained privately online and offlline to advance their knowledge and skills in Kendo until practice resumes to normal. 

RTUKC members are active members of Manila Kendo Club and are members of United Kendo Federation of the Philippines.



Recruitment begins every start of the school year with the expectation that our members are to abide by our club rules and regulations. (Applicable to current RTU students only.)


Interested in joining Kendo in RTU?


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