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Acceptance Periods

  • Beginners can join us only twice a year during our acceptance periods every January and June. Our next acceptance period is on June 2, 2018.
  • If you are an advanced/experienced kendoka looking to join our Advanced practices, feel free to join any of our Advanced practice schedules! Link up with us through our Facebook Messenger, or the form below.
  • Kids can join us any time!

Join us by contacting the below, or by filling out the form!


E-mail: [email protected]


Questions on joining for the first time? Check out our beginner FAQs below!

May I visit the dojo?

We strongly encourage you to visit our dojo first before applying for membership. Our class schedules and locations are posted here.

How old do I have to be to begin?

People take up kendo at various ages, regardless of the level of experience and gender. Our current members range from 5 years old to 60 years old! 🙂 If you are a parent and need clarification or would like to ask us to consider your child for membership, please reach us through Facebook Messenger, or the form above.

Is there a special practice for beginners?

Yes. Beginners and advanced students alike practice every Saturday, 6:00 – 8:00 pm at the Gatorade Hoops Center. Please arrive by 5:30 pm as we always clean the dojo as a team as part of practice.

What equipment do I NEED right away?

It is recommended that you get a shinai (bamboo sword) as soon as possible so you can have one of appropriate type and size suited for your use, and so you can practice at home. If you are not sure about buying a shinai yet, there are some shinai that we can lend to students during class. If you’re not sure what shinai to buy or where to buy one, please reach out to us so we could help you determine the shinai type and size appropriate for your use.

You will not need a kendo uniform (keikogi and hakama) right away.  Most people buy keikogi and hakama after several weeks/months of practice. The same goes with the bogu set (kendo armor). Normally, students from the beginners class are able to use it only after 4 – 12 months of practice. For beginners, you are only required to be in comfortable sports attire during practice.

No shoes necessary as you will be asked to remove your footwear upon entering the dojo. No jewellery or accessories to be worn during practice to avoid losses and accidents.

What about women or girls?

Ladies of all age and abilities, most certainly, can practice Kendo. It should be stressed that the Kendo practiced by women is exactly the same in every way as that practiced by men. Since the basis of Kendo is not physical strength but correct waza (technique) and proper mental attitude, it is equally suitable for both men and women.

How soon can I practice in armor (bogu)?

It depends on the time and effort you put into practice. Many among the beginners spend anywhere from 3-8 months working on the ‘basics’. During this time, you’ll be progressing from beginner’s drills and footwork on your own to more advanced strikes delivered to other senior club members. You will also be evaluated carefully by the sensei (instructor) who will determine when it is appropriate for you to transition into bogu.

Why can’t I put the bogu on right away?

Kendo is truly a lifelong pursuit when done properly and just like any other disciplines one must first master the basics. The basics in this case include not only wearing the armor, but also learning to deliver and receive strikes safely , with a correct form, and  appropriate force. 

Are there monthly or annual dues? How much will it cost to join?
  • Manila Kendo Club is a non-profit organization and the fees are used to pay rent for practice at the dojo and other club expenses.
  • Dojo fees are Php 2,000.00 covering two months, collected at the beginning of the first month.
  • Beginners are required to pay Php 2,000 at the time of registration (except for free trials).
  • Dojo fees do not include cost of equipment, tournament, and testing fees.
  • If you anticipate a prolonged break from practice, please inform us in advance so that you are not charged for missed months.
What else do I have to bring during practice?

We practice Gatorade Hoops Center, Shaw Boulevard. Two bathrooms are available for changing – one for male, one for female. Gatorade Hoops Center is not equipped with lockers or drinking fountains. Please bring a bottle of water to maintain hydration during practice.
Also, we always clean/ mop/ polish the floor before training. This is a significant part of Kendo training and is a shared responsibility of all the members. There is no standard size for the mop but it’s safe to bring a two foot-wide rug.

Do I need to speak Japanese to do Kendo?

Not at all. Many of the terms, equipment names, and commands used in Kendo are Japanese but being able to speak or understand Japanese as a complete language is not required. Basic repetition will familiarize the student with the words and phrases that are used, e.g. counting from one to ten.

I have more questions. May I contact somebody at the dojo?

Yes, of course. Please go to the Contact Us page and we will be happy to help.