The 4th Philippine National Kendo Tournament Results

4th PNKT Group Photo


Now on it’s fourth year, Kendo Clubs across Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao clashed swords once again in the annual Philippine National Kendo Tournament! ⚔️ 

Organized and hosted by Manila Kendo Club, held at Celebrity Sports Club, October 26-27, 2019, the #4thPNKT gathered kendo practitioners of the United Kendo Federation of the Philippines namely Cebu Kendo Club, Davao Kendo Club, Dumaguete Kendo Club, IGA Kendo Club Philippines, Iloilo Kendo Club, Manila Kendo Club, and OISCA Negros Kendo Club. It was a weekend of friendly competition, learning, camaraderie, and of course, fun!

This event is in partnership with 【剣道具の栄光武道具 Eiko Budogu. Sponsored by Geisha’s Blade 芸者の刃, Hydro Flask Philippines, Komoro Japanese Dining, Moshi Koshi Noodle Boss, and KANDS Corporation.



Eiko Budogu Special Award

  • Melduen Castillon (Manila Kendo Club)

Mudansha 3-man Team

  • Fighting Spirit Award:
    • Sanjay Parami (Davao Kendo Club )
    • Emmanuel Nadurata (IGA Kendo Club)
  • 3rd Place: Paktol (Dumaguete Kendo Club)
    • Hendritz Lezama 
    • Francis JR Estaño Tuquib
    • Gremere Villacampa Uap
  • 2nd Place: OISCA (OISCA Negros Kendo Club)
    • Jowash Saballero 
    • Gerard Gawan 
    • Khen Montorio
  • Champion: Do you love our kendo and out two-hit renzoku waza? (Davao Kendo Club)
    • Jan-Raphael Chua 
    • Ron Andrae Agor 
    • Aaron Penaco

Women’s Individuals

  • Fighting Spirit Award
    • Patricia Bianca Talavera (Manila Kendo Club )
    • Rose Pioquinto (OISCA Negros Kendo Club)
  • 3rd Place: Tamorah Mae Sison (IGA Kendo Club)
  • 2nd Place: Reida Renovilla (Davao Kendo Club)
  • Champion: Nica Mari Shiart Villacampa (Davao Kendo Club)

Men’s Individuals

  • Fighting Spirit Award
    • Matthew Arce (Manila Kendo Club)
    • Ronald Villaroya (Manila Kendo Club)
  • 3rd Place: Paul Minoza (Cebu Kendo Club)
  • 2nd Place: Vince Hernandez (IGA Kendo Club)
  • Champion: Robert Carabuena (Davao Kendo Club)

Women’s Team

  • Fighting Spirit Award
    • Elvira Inoue (Manila Kendo Club)
    • Rose Pioquinto (OISCA Negros Kendo Club)
  • 3rd Place: Shinai Art Online (Davao Kendo Club)
    • Reida-Jade Renovilla 
    • Shiart Nica Mari Villacampa 
    • Renoida-Jonah Renovilla
  • 2nd Place: Kimi no Waza (Davao Kendo Club)
    • Marie Emily Joy Buaya 
    • Rose Pioquinto
    • Justine Syde Bulacito
  • Champion: MKC Garls A (Manila Kendo Club)
    • Patricia Bianca Talavera
    • Samantha Rose Cruz
    • Melduen Castillon

Men’s Team

  • Fighting Spirit Award
    • Yuta Inoue (Manila Kendo Club)
    • Jerome Bautista (IGA Kendo Club)
  • 3rd Place: Sentai Umarangers (IGA Kendo Club)
    • Rocky Sison
    • Jomar Paul Romero 
    • Jerome Martin Bautista 
    • Raffy Javier 
    • Ryosuke Nakagane
  • 2nd Place: MKC C (Manila Kendo Club)
    • Elvin Villarama 
    • Martin A. L. Esguerra
    • Iku Sakuhara 
    • Gerald Wahl 
    • Emerson Sy 
  • Champion: MKC A (Manila Kendo Club)
    • Yuta Inoue
    • Ralph Lee 
    • Ian Earl Navarro 
    • Ronald Villaroya 
    • Matthew Arce 

Congratulations to all the winners! As per the United Kendo Federation of the Philippines’s announcements, the 5th Philippine National Kendo Tournament will still be held at Manila on 2020. See you all again next year!

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