About the Club


To grow and advance Kendo practice in the Philippines.



The Manila Kendo Club (MKC) was started in the late 1970s by Japanese expatriates who wanted to continue practicing kendo during their stay in the Philippines. In the early 1990s, MKC held its weekly practice at the Manila Polo Club with about a dozen Japanese members and one Filipino, where almost half were young children. By 1995, MKC moved to the Makati Sports Club where the club has grown to about 25 members (including 15 Filipinos). MKC formally came into existence when it registered with the Security Exchange Commission on October 3, 1996. Today MKC holds its practice sessions at the Gatorade Hoops Center and Treston International College, with about 80 members in its roster.






A bunch of crazy people of all shapes and sizes who discovered and loved the art of kendo.

MKC peeps are dedicated, and it’s contagious!

Trey Dela Cruz
Joined 2007

Both in and out of the dojo, camaraderie is something that is off the charts with these guys. At MKC you don’t just improve yourself but you will also build friendship.

Lambert Antonio
Joined 2010

We, Inoue family like MKC because of the sensei’s commitment to teach Kendo for free. The club’s culture of willingness to help grow ones Kendo.

Inoue Family (Elvi, Yuta, Shu)
Joined 2005, 2009 and 2011

MKC is my happy place, where I can go to do something I truly love, in a good environment with great friends.

Wally Chamsay
Joined 2005

MKC has the best teachers. Best place to learn in the country if you want to achieve high level, beautiful kendo.

Kurt Alvarez
Joined 2013

Fun and enjoying it with my friends and school classmates, just like in the anime Bamboo Blade

Zary Villarama
Joined 2016

In MKC, there’s the fighting spirit from everyone which inspires me during training and gives me the excitement to look forward for the next training. #kaizen

Pat Talavera
Joined 2018

Manila Kendo Club will help you find The Way of The Sword!

Ronald Villaroya
Joined 1999